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The other day my son asked me why most of the bad, dishonest, and abusive guys he knows have good looking or just good ladies attached to them. Well I thought for a moment and started comparing this question to a question that has bothered me for years. Why do Funeral Homes use subcontractors who over and over again do bad or poor quality work?? I guess in both cases they ether don't care how they are treated or have just never known any better.

I mean, Come on, how many untagged or unaspirated or even unsutured cases can you afford to put up with, Not to mention the student employees posting pictures of autopsied remains on their face book pages!!!!! If these were employees, we would all fire them, but wait they are! Embalming subcontractors are an extension of your company, therefore your employee!

If you are being treated with respect and honesty and you feel like your subcontractor is working with your best interest at heart, then by all means stay with them. BUT! If you are tired of calling them and getting bad quality embalming or if you would like to have your bodies tagged or properly identified, and calls made in a timely manner. Then give us at Stone Mortuary Service a call. We answer our own phones, we make removals in a timely manner, are knowledgeable of the Medical Examiners and health care facilities procedures. We have a reputation for getting the difficult jobs done.

So if you need help in the North Texas area call us, even if it is just to ask questions on where to go or if you need Death Certificate help, JUST CALL 214-943-3443, we are here for you!

Stone Mortuary, Funeral Directors for YOUR Families, Embalmers for YOUR Reputation.

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We are a commercial embalming service, therefore we can only serve licensed funeral directors, we can not serve the public. Licensed Funeral Directors please call us for a copy of our price list. If you are a funeral director from outside Texas or you need a copy of any forms, please click here for a copy of the forms and official contact information that you may need -- Medical Examiner release forms and a copy of the forms you will need to do business in Texas.

We believe that it is important and improves customer service for us to answer our own phones. When you call Stone Mortuary Services, you will never speak to someone at an answering service or an automated telephone system. If you connect to our voicemail, it means that we are on the phone with another client, please leave a message so we can call you back.

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