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Steve M. Martin, FDIC


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Services We Provide

  • We provide first call removals and overland transfer services between mortuaries.
  • Our removal vehicles are 2010 Ford Flexes which provide a discreet and professional appearance.
  • Our removal staff is well experienced in all cultural needs and are trained in even the most challenging of removals.

  • Stone Mortuary's (SMS) embalmers are trained as funeral home embalmers not mortuary service embalmers, sensitive to the wants and needs of families and funeral directors.
  • SMS prides itself on embalming per the instructions of the receiving funeral home, whether it is positioning of the features all the way to the chemical treatment that is preferred. SMS is an extension of your funeral home and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • SMS works closely with our client funeral homes to keep you informed about the remains.
  • SMS works closely with all of the area tissue banks, and is well experienced in the repair of donor cases.
  • SMS has no additional charge for plastics unless it is necessary to use a heavy duty disaster pouch.
  • There is no additional charge for the preparaion of autopsy cases.

Donor Bodies (Tissue and Bone Donors):
  • We take extra care when preparing donor bodies.
  • Our chief embalmer has been recognized nationally as an authority on donor bodies.
  • Steve has published two CEU articles about donor bodies.

Documentaion Services:
  • The SMS staff is well versed in the TER (Texas Electronic Registration) system.
  • The SMS staff prides itself in on thorough knowledge of all the local registrars procedures including medical examiner procedures and Texas state laws pertaining to the requisition of permits to perform any funeral related service.

Graveside Services:
  • The staff of SMS will be happy to help you with full graveside service.
  • Our staff is also knowledgable in cemetery procedures whether it be the interment of a remains, cremains, or a disinterment.

Cremation Services:
  • SMS provides direct cremation services through a third party crematory

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